"I'm gonna beat you like a rented mule, boy!"

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The Wrench is the melee weapon of the Engineer.

The weapon, in addition to hitting people, is also capable of repairing buildings, upgrading Sentry Guns and, while placed buildings construct themselves, striking them with the Wrench will cause them to build twice as fast. This effect stacks with each additional Engineer striking the building with their Wrench during construction. It can also be used to remove the Spy's Electro Sappers from buildings.


  • Base: 65 (59 to 72 damage)
  • Critical Hit: 195
  • Damage Repaired per Hit: 105
  • Upgrade Amount per Hit: 25 (Corresponding loss in metal)
  • Metal Cost per Repairing Stroke: 1 + Damage / 5
  • Metal Cost for reloading ammo: 1 per bullet, 2 per rocket salvo
  • Attack Interval: 0.8 seconds

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