Support classes are the backbone of any team. They give the offensive and defensive classes an extra edge in battle, which can turn the tide of the game in a second. Whether crippling the enemy advance from behind or keeping teammates healed, the support classes are always handy to have around. Medics have the power to heal teammates and Overheal them to 150% of their maximum health. Snipers can take out threats from a distance. Spies can infiltrate enemy lines, disable buildings and assassinate critical threats.


  • The Medic is the prime target, next to the maps' objective of course. Eliminate them, or they can Ubercharge their way through anything you throw at them!
  • Are your teammates having a rough time? Let the Sniper give a bodyshot or two to the enemy! It will kill most classes, and critically injure the rest. Remember; headshots are nice, but dead is dead.
  • Don't forget, as a Spy, you are versed in the ways of deception. Don disguises, or go invisible for the kill!

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