Scout Strategy guidesEdit

  • Always stay on the move.
  • Move ahead of the rest of your team so you can report enemy positions and take out critical targets.
  • Try to avoid using the scattergun at range. Use your pistol, as it is much more accurate.
  • Make use of the scout's ability to double jump.

Soldier Strategy guidesEdit

  • With your rocket launcher, try to aim for tightly packed groups of enemies, so as to injure multiple enemies.
  • Rocket jumping is a useful move that can be used to reach high vantage points to "snipe" engineer nests and groups.

Pyro Strategy guidesEdit

  • Make good use of your flamethrower by burning up tightly packed groups of enemies.
  • If you see rockets or grenades headed your way, airblast them and send them back.
  • Flush enemies out of defensive positions with your flamethrower.
  • You can be a sitting duck with prolonged time spent burning enemies. If you start taking damage, get out until they are extinguished.
  • Be sure to spy check all the time or your team is stuffed

Demoman Strategy guidesEdit

  • Your grenades are affected by gravity, so lob them over walls and other obstacles into enemy lines.
  • Place sticky bombs on areas that are undoubtedly going to see enemies going through, such as control points or the tracks in payload maps.
  • Try to place sticky bombs as inconspicuously as possible, as enemies can shoot them, or they can be rolled away by explosions.
  • Aim grenades for tight groups to injure as many as possible.

Heavy Strategy guidesEdit

  • Try to pair up with a medic, so you can prolong your high damage output.
  • When paired with a medic, use the ubercharge to your advantage and attack the enemy lines head on.
  • Hide in defensive positions that will eventually put you behind enemy lines, so as to attack them from the back.

=Engineer Strategy guidesEdit

  • Double-check a potential nest position for things like how close it is to a choke point, how exposed it is, etc.
  • When setting up a nest far from a metal source, it is advisable to set up a dispenser first.
  • When there is nothing more to be upgraded, assist your own sentry by using your own weapons.
  • Move your buildings around until they are in a position that works most efficiently.

Medic Strategy guidesEdit

  • Remember to take cover behind the person you're healing.
  • Ubercharge when there is a big group of enemies or when trying to push forward.
  • Don't fight anyone by yourself (maybe scouts or zoomed in snipers).
  • Avoid being seen (hide behind walls while you heal your targets) or you will be the main target.
  • Make sure you aren't healing a spy.

Sniper Strategy guidesEdit

  • When your scoping make sure you look behind you once in a while.
  • Use the razorback to prevent you from being back stabbed (You can only use once)
  • Be careful when being a sniper because you only have 125 health.
  • Make sure to focus on medics before the round starts if you kill the medics they lose there Uber/Kritz

Spy Strategy guides Edit

  • Change disguise often
  • Take out critical targets (e.g Medic, Engineer)
  • Use the dead ringer to fake your death and sneak past enemy lines.
  • Make sure that you Try to avoid pyros because they always spy check