Sticky bomb launcher
"Oh, they're gonna have to glue you back together...IN HELL!"

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Ammo Loaded: 8, Ammo Carried: 40

The Sticky bomb launcher is the Demoman's secondary weapon. It launches small bombs that stick to almost any surface, and do not detonate until the player detonates them manually, though they will disappear harmlessly if the Demoman who fired them dies. Up to eight sticky bombs can be placed; the oldest sticky bomb detonates when the player tries to deploy a ninth bomb. A small number display next to the ammo count tells the user how many sticky bombs are currently placed. When detonated, sticky bombs leave a few broken pieces scattered about, each of which be picked up for a single unit of metal or ammo. In the case of any explosion (enemy stickies, grenades, rockets and Sentry Gun rockets) , the sticky bombs will suffer from the force of the explosion and will be pushed away from it. The Demoman can also use sticky bombs to propel himself, similar to the Soldier‎'s ability to rocket jump, which can also be used to juggle enemy players. Unlike the Soldier however, the self-damage incurred by such a tactic is much higher; sometimes as much as half of a fully-healthy Demoman's HP. Sticky bombs immediately stick to whatever surface they are fired upon, but they will bounce off of enemy players, buildings, or gates. Critical Hit sticky bombs can be identified by a glowing aura surrounding them. Sticky bombs do splash damage: there is blast radius falloff, the greater distance from the center of the blast the less damage will be done (even for critical hits). Note that stickies can do more damage if the enemy is propelled into the air by the force of the blast, subsequently receiving fall damage upon landing. However, if the enemy dies because of the fall damage, the Demoman will not get credit for the death.


  • Base: 120
  • Max Ramp Up: 115% (138 damage)
  • Max Fall Off: 50% (60 damage)
  • Mini-Crit: 162
  • Splash Damage Reduction: 1% per 2.88 Hammer Units away from epicenter to a minimum of 50% at 9 feet (144 Hammer Units)
  • Splash Radius: 9 feet (144 Hammer Units)
  • 6' from explosion: 47-90
  • Self damage: 45-114 (depending on distance from the explosion)
    • Critical Hit: Deals same amount of self damage as a regular sticky (45-114)

Note: Explosive damage varies depending on how it hits a player; the larger the class's hit box and the closer you are to the explosion, the more damage you will take; the further away from the explosion, the less damage you can take. Explosions do the most damage when they happen at the mid point of a player model, as the explosion will cover more of the hit box and thus do the most damage. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

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