Sniper Rifle
Sniper Rifle
"The bullets come outta the slim end, mate!"

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The Sniper rifle is the primary weapon for the Sniper class. It has perfect accuracy, no damage falloff, and is the only weapon with a zoom sight. The Sniper rifle must be charged for full effectiveness. The zoom display features a charge meter and a small red or blue dot in the center to aid in aiming. When zoomed, the charge meter increases gradually from 0% to 100%. At the same time the target dot will change from a dull color to bright red / blue. It takes 4 seconds for a full charge. The charge meter resets after a shot is fired or when the scope is unzoomed. Charge is not built up while not zoomed. Zoom is activated when the secondary function is used (default: Left Trigger for Xbox 360 and L2 for PS3). Movement speed is slowed while zoomed in to 27%, and slowed even further to 0.01% when crouching. You cannot be zoomed in while jumping or falling. A killing shot to the head while zoomed in will result in a Headshot and will display a different icon where the kill is reported. A Headshot is a guaranteed Criticical Hits. When zoomed, a team-colored dot will appear on walls or floors (or wherever the rifle is aiming), alerting observant opponents to the Sniper. Firing the Sniper rifle when not zoomed will still damage the target, but for very little.

When zooming in after a shot, i.e., not using the secondary function button, the Sniper Rifle can be shot after about half a second after zooming in, thus making sniping multiple targets easier.

Weapon DamageEdit

  • Base: 50 (0% charge or unscoped), 150 (100% charge)
  • Bodyshot: 44-57 (0% charge or unscoped), 128-172 (100% charge)
  • Headshot (scoped only): 150 (0% charge), 450 (100% charge)
Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Sniper Rifle
Killicon sniperrifle 1 25

Base: 50-150

Crit: 150-450

  • Charges while zoomed.

Function timesEdit

  • Attack Interval: 1.5
  • There is an approximately 1 second delay between zooming in and being able to shoot..
  • The weapon can score a Critical Hit as soon as the player is able to shoot.

All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.

Note: Distance from the target does not affect the Sniper rifle's damage. Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

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