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The Sniper is the long ranged class in the game.


The Sniper is the main ranged class in Team Fortress 2, capable of taking out targets across an entire map with ease. He takes advantage of his ranged weapon to take out enemies at great distances, but performs poorly when fighting at close range, unless using his lethal Kukri.

His main weapon is the Sniper Rifle, when zoomed a team-based colored reticle will appear in the center of the crosshairs, next to it, there will be a series of bars, which gradually increases from 0% to 100% charge. The amount of damage dealt by a shot depends on the charge of the aforementioned bars and where the bullet hits; the more bars are filled, the greater is the damage dealt. Headshots also do higher damage than body-shots, a 0% charged headshot will deal 150 damage, enough to take out any class with less than 150hp, compared to non-charged body-shot, which will deal 50 points in damage. Fully charged headshots will deal 450 damage, enough to kill a buffed Heavy, while fully charged body-shots will deal 150 damage.

When confronted at close range, the Sniper should not hesitate at using either his SMG -which has mediocre damage output- or his Kukri, which scores a high rate of Critical Hits, dealing 195 damage.


A hard-as-nails customer from down-under who never misses his mark, much.

In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving Australian Outback, the Sniper would spend months by himself. Prolonged isolation taught him a valuable lesson: You don't have to rely on other people if you never miss.


Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
100px-Item icon Sniper RiflePrimary Sniper rifle 1 25

Base: 50 (0% charge), 150 (100% charge)
Headshot: 150 (0% charge), 450 (100% charge)

100px-Item icon Submachine GunSecondary SMG 25 75 Base: 8 (per bullet)
Critical Hit: 24 (per bullet)

100px-Item icon Kukri


Kukri N/A N/A Base: 65
Critical Hit: 195


  • The sniper has a quiver on his back although he doesn't use it. *This is only true for the console version
  • His surname is Mundy, but is name is still unknown

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