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The Scattergun Edit

The Scattergun is the primary weapon for the Scout. It is a short, double-barreled lever-action Shotgun.

Delivering ten pellets per shot with increased ramp-up, this weapon is extremely powerful at close range, requiring only two shots to take down even the heaviest (Hah!) of any enemy thrown at him . A wide cone of fire causes it to become less effective at medium range and almost laughable at a distance. This forces players to close in on enemies using the Scout's superior speed and agility, while also using this ability to avoid any retalitation.

Weapon DamageEdit

The base damage per pellet, number of pellets fired per shot and ammunition per clip is equal to that of the Shotgun. The main difference is the increased positive damage-ramp (175% compared to 150%). It also has a slightly slower firing speed and differing reload timings.

The Scattergun's first shell fires at least one pellet straight down the crosshair before 'bullet-spread' takes effect. When random spread is disabled the pellets land forming a three by three grid pattern.

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Scattergun Kill 6 32

Base: 60

Crit: 180
[6 dmg. × 10 pellets]

Trivia Edit

  • The Scattergun seems to be a combination of the browning 1887 lever-action and a sawed-off double barrel shotgun.

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