Rocket Launcher
"I joined this team just to kill maggots like you"

Loadout Slot




Kill Icon

Killicon rocketlauncher


Ammo Loaded: 4, Ammo Carried: 36

The Rocket Launcher is the Soldier's best friend and primary weapon, it fires rockets which move at a speed of around ~47 mph and the path the rocket travels is not affected by gravity. The Rocket launcher deals splash damage, which means the damage done is the most effective to the enemy the closer to the explosion. Normal rockets suffer a major decrease in damage over long distances, however Critical rockets appear to be unaffected by this.

The Soldier can perform a technique known as "juggling" the enemy, in which he fires a rocket at the enemies feet causing the enemy to fly to great heights, opening them up for another rocket or a few shells from his shotgun. This same technique can be used to jettison the Soldier up in the air by simply firing the rocket at his own feet while jumping, crouching will increase the length and height of this effect.

Weapon Damage Edit

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
100px-Item icon Rocket Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Killicon rocketlauncher 4 20

Base: 90

Crit: 270

Video Demonstrations Edit

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