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Metal is a resource unique to the Engineer and is used in the construction, upgrade and repair of buildings. The Engineer spawns with a full supply of 200 Metal. Metal can be acquired through various means, including picking up ammo boxes, weapons, and pieces of destroyed buildings.


Ammo Boxes

All ammo crates have a 10 second respawn time.

  • Small Ammo Pickup: 40 Metal
  • Medium Ammo Pickup: 100 Metal
  • Large Ammo Pickup: 200 Metal
  • Broken Dispenser parts: 10 Metal each, 5 parts per Dispenser, total of 50 Metal.
  • Broken Teleporter parts: 15 Metal each, 4 parts per Teleporter, total of 60 Metal.
  • Broken Sentry Gun parts: 15 Metal each, 4 parts per Sentry Gun, total of 60 Metal.
Dropped items
  • Fallen Weapons from an Engineer: Amount equal to the Engineer's Metal at the time of death, ranging from 1 to 200 Metal. If the Engineer had no Metal, gives 100 Metal.
  • Fallen Weapons from other players: 100 Metal.
Other sources