Meet the TeamEdit


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The Meet the Team series of videos are short, funny, cinematic trailers with each describing the class the video is about in a certain way. Usually, they are in the form of an interview, but as of Meet the Spy, the style seems to have shifted to a story-telling format. Currently, every class has their own video except for the Pyro.

Trailer OneEdit

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Tf2 pyro-june07

Displayed on July 19th, 2006, this trailer shown drastic changes to the art design that Team Fortress 2 originally had. Instead of the cartoon-esqe graphics, with the exaggerated proportions, humor, and style, Team Fortress 2 was going to be a realistic shooter, something similar to Counter-Strike or Day of Defeat.

It features cut weapons and outdated character designs, as well as smaller effects (such as muzzleflashes) that were also removed from the game.

Trailer TwoEdit

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First revealed at GC '06, this trailer showcased the various abilities of Team Fortress 2's player classes. There were few changes from the last trailer; some of the weapons were swapped around (for example, the Scout now used a Nailgun, a cut weapon, instead of the SMG), the classes designs more closely resemble the retail version's, among other minute changes.


Saxton Hale, a frequent character in the comics and weapon supplier.

Team Fortress ComicsEdit

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The Team Fortress 2 comics are mainly for promotional events in the TF2 for PC, but do contain information regarding the history of the characters depicted in them. The sole exception to this is the Mac-update Comic, whose contents have been said to be non-canon.

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