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The Knife (also known as Butterfly knife or Balisong) is the Spy's melee weapon. Despite being a melee weapon, the Knife is arguably the Spy's most powerful weapon, due to it's ability to backstab. If a spy lands a hit with the Knife on the back of an enemy, the target will be killed instantly. The knife is only granted Critical Hits on backstabs, and therefore will not randomly crit outside of Humiliation. The knife is not suited for anything farther than extremely short range, so one should rely on evasion or the Revolver for medium range combat or in situations where a backstab is difficult to achieve. Taunting with the knife equipped makes the Spy perform a fencing maneuver


  • Base: 40 (28-54 damage)
  • Backstab: 600% of the enemy's current health resulting in an instant kill if stabbed in the back (An arc of approximately 180° behind the player model).

Note: Damages are approximate and determined by community testing.

Function timesEdit

Attack Interval: 0.8 All times are in seconds. Times are approximate and determined by community testing.


- The knife is inferior to the normal melee weapons. Use the pistol instead when someone is attacking you.

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