An exploit is a bug or unintended feature of gameplay that is deliberately and knowingly used by the player to gain an advantage. For example, if a bug enables a player to be immune to damage and a player knowingly uses it, it is an exploit.

In contrast, bugs or problems which either do not affect gameplay that are not intentionally triggered are classified under glitch.

Class-Specific ExploitsEdit

Scout ExploitsEdit

Soldier ExploitsEdit

Pyro ExploitsEdit

  • The flames from the Pyro's flamethrower can pass through the chain-link gates that exist on some maps.

Demoman ExploitsEdit

  • The Demoman can use his Stickybombs in a similar but more powerful manner as the soldier to access various map-specific exploits.
  • If a Stickybomb is fired from the correct angle, then it can stick halfway through a thin wall and can damage players on the other side, but not cause damage on the side from which the Stickybomb was shot.

Heavy ExploitsEdit

  • Heavy Minigun Exploit Whereby a Heavy was able to run and simultaneously rev up or fire their Minigun. (PS3 only)

Engineer ExploitsEdit

  • An Engineer can constantly use their Teleporter to farm points, as they are awarded one half-point for every time someone takes their Teleporter.
  • The engineer can sometimes use his Teleporters to access map-specific glitches.
  • Fenced Sentries Whereby an Engineer may place his Sentry gun behind a linked fence, from behind which it can shoot. These can still generally be sapped or affected by explosive splash damage.
  • Fenced Teleporters Similar to Fenced sentries, but instead of a sentry, putting a teleporter exit behind a fence, almost always made to trap teammates.
  • Underground Sentries Whereby an Engineer may place his Sentry Gun under the surface of the ground, where it can attack but not be attacked. It can be sapped by spies in some cases, where the sentry under the map is close to the surface of the map.
  • Door Block Exploit Allowed an engineer to block spawn doors with the help of teleporters. (PS3 only)

Medic Exploits Edit

  • "Needle Boosting" involves a player standing over a Medic, who then proceeds to shoot their Syringe Gun upward as the player jumps. Due to a physics error, the Medic's Syringe Gun needles propel the target upward.

Sniper Exploits Edit

  • A scoped-in Sniper can remove the the narrow "scope-view" by pausing, and quickly pressing B than A while highlighting "disconnect." This also completely disables the player's HUD.

Spy ExploitsEdit

  • Spies can place Sappers through thin walls, sapping buildings on the other side. (PS3 only)
  • Backstab not breaking disguise Whereby a Spy could backstab while retaining their disguise. (PS3 only)

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