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A soft-spoken, amiable Texan with a knack for all things mechanical, the Engineer (also known as Dell Conagher) chooses to construct and maintain Buildings that benefit the team rather than engage in much direct combat. The Engineer's various gadgets include the Sentry Gun, an automated turret that fires at any enemy in range, the Dispenser, a device that replenishes the health and ammo of nearby teammates and Teleporters that quickly transport his teammates to the fray.

However, the Engineer's ingenious devices are under constant threat from explosives such as Rockets, Stickies and pipes and the devious enemy Spy and his sappers. A good Engineer must keep his gear under a watchful eye and in good repair at all times. When the Engineer needs to get his hands dirty, his trio of generic, yet capable weapons, combined with the assistance of his helpful hardware, make him more than capable of holding his own in a fight.

Basic StrategyEdit

  • Use the build tool to place Sentry Guns, Dispensers, and Teleporters.
  • A friend in need is a friend who can help you kill; if you find another Engineer constructing his equipment, help him out. He might return the favor later.
  • You need metal to build, repair, and upgrade your Buildings. Collect fallen weapons to get more metal.
  • Hit your Sentry Gun with your Wrench to upgrade it with metal. Each level adds more health and firepower.
  • Build Dispensers to provide your teammates with health and ammo. They also generate metal for you to use.
  • Build Teleporters to help your team reach the front line faster.
  • Keep an eye out for enemy Spies attaching Electro Sapper to your Buildings. Use your Wrench to remove Sappers; two swings of your Wrench will remove a single Sapper.


Weapon Ammo Loaded Ammo Carried Damage Range Special Ability
W shotgun sizedPrimary Shotgun 6 32

Base: 60
Critical Hit: 180

PistolSecondary Pistol 12 200 Base: 15
Critical Hit: 45



Wrench N/A N/A Base: 65
Critical Hit: 195
  • Builds and repairs buildings
  • Upgrades Sentry Guns
  • Able to Remove Electro-Sappers

100px-Item icon PDA Build


Build/Destroy Tool N/A 10000 Base:




Buildings Edit

Image Building Level Damage Per Second/Replenish/Recharge


Building one

Sentry Gun One Average DPS: 64
Two Average DPS: 128
Three Bullets average DPS: 128
Rockets (on direct hit): 10


Building two

Dispenser N/A Health: 10/sec
Ammo: 20%/sec
Metal: 40/5 sec
Buildings three & four

Teleporter Entrance
Teleporter Exit

N/A Recharge: 10 sec
Weapon Notes / Special abilities
Primary PDA
Build Tool

Allows player to build the Engineer's buildings.

PDA Destroy
Secondary PDA
Demolish Tool

Allows player to demolish one's own Engineer buildings.


  • Rockets and Stickies are among the most dangerous weapons towards your Sentry Gun. While Stickies can be destroyed with well aimed Pistol or Shotgun shells, Rockets cannot. Thus, if you feel that you are being overwhelmed by rocket/sticky spam, it's best to abandon your Sentry.
  • You will eventually become the target of Spies. If you see sappers on your buildings, just knock them away with your wrench. If the sapper you knocked away is instantly replaced with another one, you should first kill the spy and then knock the sappers away.


  • An engineer in his base is truly a force to be reckoned with. He can protect and repair his buildings, and his buildings can protect and heal him. Don't attack an engineer fort head-on unless you're ubercharged.
  • Snipers are great at harrassing engineers. If their buildings are exposed, they can take them out from long range. In addition, engineers usually stand still while repairing or upgrading - perfect headshot opportunity.
  • If no ubercharge is available, coordinating a spy attack with other classes can be just as lethal.
  • Spies should avoid attacking the same base over and over. After the first few attempts, the engineer gets suspicious.
  • Stickybombs, grenades, and rockets are great against fortified bases.
  • When using an ubercharge against a sentry, DO NOT JUMP. If you do, the sentry will push you back and pin you against a wall.
  • The wrench is the most powerful of all the melee weapons, capable of dealing 195 damage on a critical hit - more than enough to kill most classes. Be careful when engaging engineers up close!

Meet the EngineerEdit

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