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The Electro Sapper is the secondary weapon of the Spy. It is a small box inscribed 'Electro-Sapper' and sports a dial and switches. It also features two clamps that are deployed when used.

The function of the Electro Sapper is to destroy an Engineer's building. Should the player select the weapon and stand near an enemy structure, they will be able to see a white Electro Sapper outline on the building, indicating that it is in range and can be sapped. Pressing the primary fire button (default: R trigger) will attach the weapon, and the building will slowly be damaged until it is destroyed. For each building the Spy player places an Electro Sapper upon, a small window in their HUD will appear showing the remaining health of the building sapped, and the health of the Electro Sapper on that building. A sapped building will cease to function; (Sentry Guns will not fire, Dispensers will not heal or dispense ammo and Teleporters will not teleport). When applied to buildings, the Electro Sapper will produce electrical sparks and a loud hissing noise. When an Electro Sapper is attached to one end of a Teleporter, only that end is sapped. If the Spy is disguised, the disguise class will play a distinct, unique animation of placing the device on the building.

Once the building is being sapped, the Engineer owner will be alerted to it in his HUD, and will automatically play a voice clip alerting nearby players of the building's predicament. Engineers can remove an Electro Sapper with two hits from their Wrench. When an Electro Sapper is attacked, the Spy player will be notified by a similar alert in their HUD.

A small gauge is visible on the Electro Sapper when it is being carried. It serves no purpose other than aesthetics, although the "meter" will rise if a Spy highlights a building to be sapped. The Electro Sapper has infinite ammunition and no discernible "cooldown" time. It is possible to repeatedly place Sappers on a building faster than an Engineer can remove them, but this tactic seldom works if there are other enemies around.


The Electro Sapper deals 25 damage to buildings per second.


  • Level 1 Sentry (150 health) in 6.00 seconds
  • Level 2 Sentry (180 health) in 7.20 seconds
  • Level 3 Sentry (216 health) in 8.64 seconds
  • Dispensers and Teleporters (150 health) in 6.00 seconds

Note:Dealing damage to a sapped building will decrease the amount of time needed to destroy a building by reducing its health. This applies even to classes that aren't normally focused on destroying buildings.


  • If an Electro Sapper is placed on a building during the upgrade or build animation, an unremovable white outline of the sapper will be stuck on the building, draining the building of health and eventually destroying it. When this happens, there is nothing the Engineer can do to save the sapped building.

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