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Buildings are machines that can be constructed by the Engineer using his Build/Destroy Tool. The Engineer can construct 4 different buildings:


Engineers require Metal to create, upgrade and repair buildings.

Like players, buildings have health, and are destroyed when their health is reduced to zero (see Destruction below). A building can be deliberately destroyed by using the alternate fire button (default: L trigger) in the menu of the Build/Destroy Tool. Critical Hits do not cause extra damage to buildings. Weapons also do not suffer from damage drop off on buildings; regardless of distance, every hit does the same amount of damage (excluding splash damage). Buildings have visual effects to indicate their damage; slightly damaged buildings will emit smoke and sparks, and severely damaged buildings will appear to be on fire. The Spy can disable and slowly damage buildings over time using his Electro Sapper. The Demolish Tool cannot be used to destroy buildings that are in the process of being sapped.

Buildings are erected automatically after being deployed, but can be built twice as fast by hitting them repeatedly with the Engineer's Wrench during construction. Having more than one Engineer hitting a building under construction stacks the effect. Demolishing unused buildings is useful for recollecting metal, as they will explode into broken metal pieces upon destruction.

All buildings are able to be walked through by an Engineer's teammates, however, they will act solid towards the Engineer himself, allowing him to stand on top of his own buildings. Buildings also act solid for enemies, including enemy Spies. In water, buildings function normally; however, a Sentry Gun that is fully immersed in water will not target enemies that are on dry land, and vice versa.

Type Build time (unaided) Build time (aided) Cost in metal Health Scrap metal when destroyed
Sentry Gun 10 seconds 5 seconds 130 (200 per upgrade)
  • 150 (Lvl 1)
  • 180(Lvl 2)
  • 216(Lvl 3)
Dispenser 20 seconds 10 seconds 100 150 50
Teleporters 20 seconds (each) 10 seconds (each) 125 (each) 150 (each) 60 (each)


A building can be by destroyed by his owner using the Build/Destroy Tool or by an enemy using any weapon, including the Electro Sapper. A destruction is worth two points to the destroyer and is recorded on the player's scoreboard. A destruction cannot be assisted, unless the building has been sapped previously by a Spy; the Spy will then be awarded the assist point. Destruction points cannot be awarded to Engineers who destroy their own buildings. When a building is destroyed, the Engineer responds with one of three responses, alerting his nearby teammates.

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