• Gabbybob

    I edited some links, and added the Team Fortress Comics page. And I also got the Blog acheivement. Muwhahahahah.

    Anyway, I hope when someone reads this that they know I haven't given up on this yet. I see that there is still a wiki contributor, but it seems only to be minor stuff. Its why I kinda dislike anonymous because then I don't know who it it.  :(

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  • Javier1203

    Testing Servers

    January 20, 2011 by Javier1203

    Guten Tag!

    (Good day!)

    Well. I've been running some test with a friend to check damage charts for the Sniper weapons and tomorrow I'll see what I can do. Some damage charts are the same in PC and consoles, other aren't, take the SMG as an example, it's more powerful on consoles.

    If you'd like to partake just send me a message to my Gamertag, which is the same as my username and I will pretty much stop whatever I'm playing and I'll get working,

    You can also run test on your own with other friends, but make sure to post your results in the following thread over the Steam Forums.

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  • Pan1c

    Just a review of the Mann Co. Update I did for my bud's website, it's part of a weekly segment called "Panic gets Mad" hah.

    Team Fortress 2, dubbed the most dynamic online first-person shooter more than once, is arguably one of the most memorable experiences in online gaming history, and has just been completely destroyed by the creation of "The Mann-Conomy", an update in which players can now trade their dropped items for other items. This update came with a few perks however, like the creation of "Vintage Items", items which you had obtained before the introduction of the Mann-Conomy, these hats or weapons appear with a blue background in your backpack, and items obtained after the update appear yellow, thus giving a bit of a flare to the…

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  • Pan1c


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  • Cipher 968

    Hey there. Im Cipher 968 and I play a Pro Spy on Xbox Tf2 and I have a passion for the console versions over the PC version. I heard about this wiki on the Steam Forums and decided to check it out and contribute to the Wiki.

    I hope this wiki goes far and beyond its capabilites and hopefully we might get a patch out of it.

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  • Rickinator9

    We now have achievements!

    December 28, 2010 by Rickinator9

    Yes that's right, we got achievements. Basically you get points for edits and things you do in the wikia. You can find the leaderboards at Special:Leaderboard

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