Cp gravelpit big

Gravel Pit's Final Capture Point


Attack/Defend maps play asymmetrically, and is a gametype played on the maps Dustbowl and Gravel Pit. It is a variant of the standard Control Points gametype.

The premise of gameplay is simple; one team defends (RED) the Control Points while the other team (BLU) has to take control of them. The RED Team begins with all the points in their control. BLU wins if it captures all of RED's points.

Control Points may only be captured in a set order (Gravel Pit an exception to this rule). RED wins if it prevents BLU from capturing all points before the timer expires. Points captured by BLU are typically locked, and cannot be recaptured by the RED.

Although Gravel Pit and Dustbowl are the same gamemode, each map is a different variation of Attack/Defend. Gravel Pit has only 3 capture points with 1 round to win, while Dustbowl has 6 capture points and 3 rounds to win; capturing 2 cp per round.

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